(9) Friends of Emily

“Thank you for your support as I continue my fourth full term serving as Deputy Mayor & Trustee.  I am determined to cherish the foundation and community roots to which the Village of Haverstraw was built on and continue to transform the Village to the optimal environment where families can work, live, and grow.”

Emily Makes a Difference

In 2016, Emily was elected for a full third term for Trustee in the Village of Haverstraw.  In addition, she was appointed Deputy Mayor and made history as the first women to serve as Deputy Mayor in the Village of Haverstraw. Emily has been an elected official for over thirteen years and proud to support and give the people of the Village of Haverstraw a voice. Many of the excellent programs, projects, and changes you have seen in the Village of Haverstraw in the last 10 years has been with the help of Emily.

Her duties as a Village Trustee have expanded beyond the walls of Village Hall. Emily has been able to give a helping hand to children and families in Haverstraw throughout Rockland. Her community contributions include the operation of The Haverstraw Neighborhood Fund (Backpack, Thanksgiving & Christmas Events), The Rockland Community Foundation,  The United Way of Rockland, Women Dine For A Cause,  and The Center for Safety & Change. In addition, she has stimulated the local business economy of downtown Haverstraw with providing a full marketing and events company in the heart of downtown.

Emily was born and raised in the Village of Haverstraw and continues to live and work in the Village. She strives to implement change and continues to create a dynamic vibrant community that people know and love about Haverstraw.

Friends of Emily

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