(9) Make A Difference (MAD)


Make A Difference

Why in your own backyard?  Because everything happens and begins locally, we need to get involved from the ground up.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I also believe everyone should be involved in their local communities (backyard).  Get to know your neighbors, check in on the elders, minors should interact with the seniors and learn from the stories they share and learned growing up. Every generation is different and brings something unique to our world, our community and our backyard.  Once in a while, buy the person behind you a cup of coffee, or that slice and go volunteer for an hour or two.   It truly Makes A Difference (MAD).

 Running for Office

Ladies, get MAD (Make A Difference) and run for your local village board, town board, school library. I know life is hectic between work, home, and the many obligations we are responsible for and managing in life.  Many women dream of running for office, but something always gets in the way. Let me guide you, explain how easy it can be, how much fun you will have, the secrets to avoid and how you can overcome any negativity.  Lets get MAD and beat the TIES in your own back yard. 

 Work for an Elected Official     

Don’t want to run for office, get involved by working, volunteering for an elected official and learn what is happening in your own backyard.  Learn about the budgets, how a law is created and passed, elections, the secret meetings, the ins and outs of politics and how to make the community you work & live in much better.  Working together this can and will happen.  Speak UP & Believe in YOU…

Emily was born and raised in the Village of Haverstraw and continues to live in the Village. She strives to implement change and it all begins in your own back yard.


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