April 19, 2020 – Happy Feet & Me

Thank you for visiting the Happy Feet Blog.  Many of you know my sidekick aka “happy feet” who I post about on social media on several occasions. Happy Feet was born premature and about the size of his mom’s hand.   Many people wonder where the name came from and it’s a cute adorable story that one-day we will share together of how this little creature received the name “happy feet” from me.

The goal of our blog is to share events that are happing in our community, business updates, elected officials’ notices, non-profits updates and/or events, tips, advice, suggestions on topics.  Happy feet and I also want to share some of our funny, sad and memorable stories of the two of us or within our family. He may even give us a dose of his smart wise wisdom of his favorite emi….. LOL

We love each other every other day, happy feet & emi…..xoxox