Happy Feet & Me

Thank you for visiting the Happy Feet Blog.  Many of you know my sidekick aka “happy feet” who I post about on social media on several occasions. Happy Feet was born premature and about the size of his mom’s hand.   Many people wonder where the name came from and it’s a cute adorable story that one-day we will share together of how this little creature received the name “happy feet” from me.
The goal of our blog is to share tips, suggestions, Happy Feet’s advice on different topics. We also want to share some of our funny, sad and memorable stories of the two of us and/or our family.
He may even give us a dose of his smart wise wisdom of his favorite emi….. LOL
We love each other every other day, happy feet & emi…..xoxox

A Special Message just from HappyFeet 

My Emi just WON last night!! I’m so Happy and Proud of her! NOW she can take us to Chili’s — Oh Barbara where are you? You owe me a date!

Emi works hard all the time and sometimes doesn’t have fun because she’s always working. The other day she cancelled our playdate to help people where we live. She learned it from Mama and now if only she could cook like Mama we would be in good shape (just a few more cooking classes with Mama).
Emi take a vacation, have some fun but remember to take me to Chili’s as I’m your favorite and only HappyFeet.  

As much of a crazy you are, we still like you don’t quite love you.  LOL Don’t worry my cousins and I all feel the same way (Terror, Molly, and Triple R) as you call us.  

My Cousins & I…. there’s more of us but we all don’t fit in one car!

(Can someone please help me in telling her that I want to go) Should you be the first to get her attention, I will tell you something about my Emi… shhhh I can keep a secret, how about you?

Happy November!

This year is almost over and I think everyone has begun the countdown on 2020 because it’s been HELL to say the least. As we kick of the month of November, many of you know we start collecting for our Annual Thanksgiving & Christmas Drives.  We have decided to do To-Go & Deliver Hot Meals for Thanksgiving and still working on the logistics for Christmas Day.  

For over 27 years, because of Rev. Joe Dunn and my mom’s vision but we owe a Big THANK YOU to everyone who donates, sponsors, volunteers, cooks, and delivers year after year.  We wouldn’t be able to provide all these hot meals on Thanksgiving and the Christmas Luncheons and gifts without their support and blessings. I know it’s a tough year for everyone but every dollar counts, every extra can of gravy, bag of rice, or even a turkey will help us feed the more than 600 hot meals we prepare every year on Thanksgiving Day.

As always, thank you for opening your hearts to the kids and families in need in our Community.  The smiles you will place during these uncertain times will continue to give them the confidence they need and can use especially this year. May the blessing you give be returned ten folds in the future and thank you for opening your hearts for our Community.  

Ares here… it’s okay not to have coffee or tea or a donut this week because you will help feed a family on Thanksgiving Day or give a present to a child who really needs to believe in something magical. The struggle is real and all I’m asking is for you to help me, Emi and mama make the impossible possible! #TeachersAreSuperHeroes

Please stay safe, warm and be well during these challenging and uncertain times.  
Love what you do, Volunteer when you can…..xoxox

Happy Halloween!

It’s a Hallow Eve’s Miracle… We will have a Full Moon that will transcend into a Blue Moon into the night! The Witching Hour will be among us. Stay vigilant you might just see the Sanderson Sisters…!

Ares Wizardly Wisdom
— All Kids beware and keep distance, have tons of giggles and masks and don’t forget to listen, staying safe on Halloween will be a blast!
Staying past curfew.. all night with Emi watching the best haunted movies, hot cocoa and small marshmallows is a delight, can’t wait for emi’s crazy laugh and stories… Psst…can you keep a secret.
I can too…..

Emi’s World

What a year! Halloween is here… Ladies get your broomstick ready to fly high and drink your spider cocktails tonight or morning light…. Yes, Happy Feet I can keep a secret too… The world isn’t ready for our story to unfold..xoxox