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Honored to be invited and attend the Dominicans on the Hills.  As an elected official is important to learn and meet with other elected officials to learn of the different issues going on and how we can solve them or learn how to work together on existing problems, causes, or the future.  

As Postmaster General Louis DeJoy prepares to testify before Congress — about voting by mail and slowdowns at the U.S. Postal Service — patrons in Haverstraw and Port Chester this week stood up for their letter carriers and said they’d noticed no lag in deliveries.

Dominguez says the event planning portion of her business was really impacted by COVID-19. She says each year they put on dozens of events and this year, have only held less than 10.

Our kids enjoying their brand new book bags with supplies! See their smiles.

HAVERSTRAW – While the coronavirus pandemic temporarily sidetracked village efforts to bring a high-tech outdoor fitness center to the heart of this working-class village, officials said it also underscored the need for the future “Fitness Court” as a way to ensure everyone has access to wellness.

“My parents met 60 plus years ago when they came here. They got jobs, they became citizens, to them it was always a privilege,” she says.What Dominguez believes is behind the surge in the community is an eagerness to vote.

Community – Family – Business

“You don’t find a lot of communities, anymore,” he says. “With the suburbanization of the Hudson Valley, people all have quarter-acre lots and half-acre lots and maybe know the neighbor on each side of them. In Haverstraw, you know people all over, because you’re walking all over, you’re right next to people, and people have a much deeper sense of community than a lot of other places.”

Even though we are in an epidemic, that won’t stop us from giving our families in need an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner. We have been blessed to give for so many years and we are going to keep going.

This year like many before we will be bringing joy and Santa Claus to the kids in our Community. Even though things may have to be different we won’t stop bring the Christmas Spirit, faith and hope to the hearts of all the children in our community.

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Christine Gritmon‎ to Emily Dominguez

January 16 · Emily!!! You are a do-er. I cannot for even an instant picture you complaining about something instead of rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. (How many jobs do you have right now? Five?) You have devoted your whole self to using every gift at your disposal to make your corner of the world a better place, and I am SO GLAD to be able to benefit from that as a part of this community. You’re the perfect model of what it means to truly do for others. Nothing is beneath you, nothing is above you – if it needs doing, you are IN to be part of the solution.
Thank you!!!