As the founder of BLU RIVER marketing, Emily works with businesses and non-profits providing needed strategies to help them thrive in variable economic climates from graphic design, event planning, social media management, fundraising. As a small business owner herself, Emily treats every client as family and understands the importance of nurturing the local economy and how local businesses impact healthy community development. BLU RIVER marketing energizes the local economy by creating jobs, supporting local events, and donating time and funds to non-profits in the community.   

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Emily’s other passion

Everything Bridal produces bridal shows in the Tri-State area for couples getting married. Dedicated to helping couples create the most memorable and successful wedding imaginable by providing brides, grooms, partners, their families and friends access to the areas most qualified and respected professionals serving the bridal industry. At each Everything Bridal  attendees can shop and compare a wide array of local vendors that can assist couples in planning every detail of their wedding while showcasing the venue.

For more information email:  *  845.947.8532  *

BLU RIVER marketing dba of Everything Bridal Inc.

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